Below you can learn more about Center for Online Safety and their contributions to the RESET Toolbox. While these trainings are no longer available through the RESET Toolbox, you can find more information about their current services at


The Center for Online Safety works with school leaders, parents and kids to build stronger relationships and prevent digital crises. Our mission is to teach parents how to make their kids safer online with simple and effective strategies and scripts to set limits on screen time.

We specialize in helping parents and kids stop fighting over screen time, teaching easy ways to limit and monitor children online and showing children the basics of being good digital citizens.

Contributions to the RESET Toolbox:

  • The Family Tech Reset Course
  • The Family Tech Reset Course PLUS
  • How to Keep Kids Busy Without Electronics

We are so grateful for the Center for Online Safety and their benevolent contributions to the RESET Toolbox. The resources and trainings that they provided have created an impact in the lives of many in the Orange County Community. With the support of the Center for Online Safety, the Orange County Health Care Agency and our other partners, we have been able to serve and support thousands through the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic

If you believe that you or a loved one is currently at high-risk, call 911 or immediately transport them to a hospital. Do not attempt to access emergency mental health care through this website.

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