Below you can learn more about Child Guidance Center and their contributions to the RESET Toolbox. While these trainings are no longer available through the RESET Toolbox, you can find more information about their current services at



Good mental health during childhood and adolescence is just as important as good physical health. Child Guidance Center (CGC) is dedicated to providing excellent behavioral and mental health services for the youth of Orange County. We train family members, teachers and others who all have important roles in ensuring children are able to achieve their true potential. The families we support come in all shapes and sizes – we work with foster parents, grandparents, and same-sex parents to provide the support and services they need to raise healthy children.

Contribution to the RESET Toolbox:

  • Teacher-Child Interaction Training – Skill Building Didactics & Group Coaching

We are so grateful for Child Guidance Center and their benevolent contributions to the RESET Toolbox. The resources and trainings that they provided have created an impact in the lives of many in the Orange County Community. With the support of the Child Guidance Center, the Orange County Health Care Agency and our other partners, we have been able to serve and support thousands through the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

If you believe that you or a loved one is currently at high-risk, call 911 or immediately transport them to a hospital. Do not attempt to access emergency mental health care through this website.

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