Below you can learn more about ReSolutionaries and their contributions to the RESET Toolbox. While these trainings are no longer available through the RESET Toolbox, you can find more information about their current services at



Since 2009, ReSolutionaries Inc. has been committed to supporting the integration of equity and Restorative Practices within school communities. Our content and curricula are interactive and responsive while the resources we develop are directly informed by Implementation Science as well as the feedback we receive from those we serve.

We intentionally integrate Restorative Practices/Justice within the context of other tiered structures as the restorative continuum addresses the entire spectrum of tiered support– from prevention to intervention and from universal to intensive. Our services are tailored for multiple audiences and always integrated with coaching support. Our goal is to create restorative cultures and communities of equity with sustainability and resilience by building capacity among all who have contact with youth, especially educators.

Contributions to the RESET Toolbox:

  • ReSolutionaries’ Restorative Parenting
  • The 5Rs Framework: Foundations of Restorative Practices
  • ReSolutionaries’ Restorative Foundations – Educator’s Edition
  • ReSolutionaries’ Restorative Implementation – Cohort Model

We are so grateful for ReSolutionaries and their benevolent contributions to the RESET Toolbox. The resources and trainings that they provided have created an impact in the lives of many in the Orange County Community. With the support of ReSolutionaries, the Orange County Health Care Agency and our other partners, we have been able to serve and support thousands through the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

If you believe that you or a loved one is currently at high-risk, call 911 or immediately transport them to a hospital. Do not attempt to access emergency mental health care through this website.

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