Below you can learn more about Tech Wizard and their contributions to the RESET Toolbox. While the live trainings are no longer available through the RESET Toolbox, you can find more information about their current services at

You can also check out their on-demand tech training in the RESET Toolbox LMS. You must register to access the library of free on-demand trainings. Click here to register now.



We offer private and group tech classes and support tailored to your learning style and needs. We offer packages that provide comprehensive tech support that includes troubleshooting, remote service, and if necessary, private in-person lessons. The Tech Wizard provides the support and knowledge to make the seemingly complicated, easy to understand and implement into your everyday life. With private and group classes, The Tech Wizard is your tech resource to keep you up-to-date and safe on your mobile devices or computers.

Contributions to the RESET Toolbox:

  • Priavet 1-on-1 Technology Support
  • Remote Workshops for Technology Support

We are so grateful for the Tech Wizard and their benevolent contributions to the RESET Toolbox. The resources and trainings that they provided have created an impact in the lives of many in the Orange County Community. With the support of Tech Wizard, the Orange County Health Care Agency and our other partners, we have been able to serve and support thousands through the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

If you believe that you or a loved one is currently at high-risk, call 911 or immediately transport them to a hospital. Do not attempt to access emergency mental health care through this website.

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